Clock Repair Rates

The exact cost to repair your clock can only be determined after an inspection of your clock and will be based on the the estimated time required to complete the work, the kind of repair needed, and the type and complexity of your clock, and the cost of any required parts. Some repairs may require a 50% deposit. Special ordered complete replacement movements require 100% prepayment. Outside professional services, where needed, are billed at cost. Shipping costs, where applicable, are actual FedEx/USPS charges plus plus a repacking charge depending on the size and type of clock. There is no charge for an inspection and estimate. (Maryland residents pay 6% sales tax parts.) I work out of a small shop in my home and I believe my rates are among the most reasonable anywhere.

I never do unnecessary repair work, but I will not service your clock unless I am can do what is needed in order to return to you a reliable clock with which you will be pleased. Please do not ask me to just oil or adjust a dirty or badly worn clock without first cleaning it and repairing the mechanical defects that keep it from being reliable.

OK, so what should I expect to pay for a typical clock repair?
That's a difficuly question to answer because there really is no such thing as a typical clock repair. Every clock has its unique condition issues, which often include previous improper "repairs" by others that must be corrected. The following costs are typical, but your actual cost could be more or less.

  • MINOR REPAIRS & ADJUSTMENT: Adjust a clock that's running fast or slow, set "the beat", adjust the strike, repair/replace broken or missing hands, repair door hinge, fit a replacement pendulum or suspension spring, replace cord on electric clock, change quartz movement, glue broken case part, and other small repairs that do not require the disassembly of a clock movement are billed by the hour at $45 per hr. plus parts. Minimum charge 1/2 hr.

  • BASIC SERVICE: Remove clock movement from the clock, disassemble movement, clean movement, individual inspection of each part, install bushings where needed (parts extra), polish pivots, clean and inspect main springs where applicable, reassemble movement, adjust escapement if needed, oil with a high quality name brand clock oil, test run for two weeks. The cost to service your clock varies depending on the type of clock and what repairs are needed. The following schedule is typical for clocks that have not been serviced recently and have stopped running or are not running reliably. Prices shown include the most commonly required parts but do not include replacement springs or custom made and/or special order parts.

    • American single-train (time only - no strike or chime function) wall or shelf clock - $95-$130
      (German, French, Korean, Asian, and wooden movements slightly more.)

    • American two-train (time & strike) wall or shelf clock - $130-$180
      (German, French, Korean, Asian, and wooden movements slightly more.)

    • Three-train chime (time & strike & chime) wall or shelf clock - $180-$250
      (It may be less expensive to replace the movement in some modern chime clocks.)

    • American Terry type wooden works two-train (time & strike) clock - $200 - $350
      (The amount of work required to repair wooden movements varies greatly from clock to clock.)

    • Cuckoo Clock 1 bird, no music or animation - $180-$225
      (It may be less expensive to replace the movement in modern Cuckoo clocks.)

    • Cuckoo Clock 2 birds, or with music or animation - $200-$250
      (It may be less expensive to replace the movement in modern Cuckoo clocks.)

    Prices subject to change without notice. Prices above are typical. Actual cost may be more or less.

  • SPECIAL & UNUSUAL DESIGN CLOCKS: Some clocks such as the Welch Patti clocks, the Waterbury 3-plate chime clock, the Sessions two-train chime clock, some ship's bells clocks, calendar clocks, Ingraham and Waterbury movements with steel plates, and a few others require additional time to service. Please call or email to arrange an evaluation appointment.
  • Case & Dial and Artwork restoration: I only do minor repairs to clock cases. Art work and dial restoration work is sent out to other professionals and billed at cost.

Clock Repair Estimates

There is never a charge for a service estimate, however, in order to give an accurate estimate, I need to be able to see your clock and inspect its internal parts, and in some cases observe it's behavior. I will be glad to discuss with you your clocks's condition, and examine any pictures you send to me, but I cannot give a firm quote of repair costs without actually inspecting your clock.

Your repair costs will not exceed the estimate by more than 20% without your authorization when the estimate is based on an actual physical inspection. No repairs will be made without your authorization. You are responsible for all return shipping costs even if you decide not to have your clock repaired. Any clock or movement left for more than 90 days after an estimate is given when repair has NOT been authorized shall be considered abandoned and will be disposed of. Please call or email any questions.