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American beehive clock Early 8-day American shelf clock
American black iron 8-day mantel clock
Early 20th. century American mantel clock
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30-hour American steeple clock - mid 19th century American mission clock American calendar clock American black mantel clock

Star Service for most mantel, shelf, and wall clocks
starService for many American wooden works clocks
Star Minor adjustments
starCleaning and lubrication
starComplete movement rebuilds
star Local drop off or mail-in service
star Free estimates (in our shop)

I specialize in full service for most types of vintage and antique American-made shelf, mantel, and small wall clocks, with pendulums, including both spring and weight powered models. I also service many German clocks, including some Cuckoo clocks, "modern" clocks, and reproductions. New replacement movements are available at reasonable prices for for many "windup" and battery powered clocks.

I can also install a modern battery-powered quartz movement in many older windup or plug-in electric clocks so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite old clock long after the original works has worn out or become unsafe.

I also service some electric clocks. Many older electric clocks do not meet current electrical and safety codes and can pose a fire risk. For these I recommend replacing these clockworks with a new electric or battery movements where possible. Call or email for more information.

Mail-In Clock Repair Service....

Complete clocks:
I must say up front that shipping complete clocks around the country is very risky and can be quite expensive. Even with careful packing, after the return trip, your clock may still require minor on-site adjustment for proper operation. If you are unable to bring your clock to my shop in Trappe, Maryland (eastern part of Maryland), if at all possible, I recommend that you try to locate a shop with a good reputation in your local area. If a quality repair shop is not available in your city, and you are forced to ship your clock someplace for service, then I would welcome the opportunity to serve you. Please contact me for proper packing instructions before shipping your clock.

Bare movements:
If you are a collector, or someone with the necessary skills to properly remove the clockworks from its case, and to reinstall and adjust it upon return, consider shipping just the clock movement. Beginner just learning about clocks - got it apart and can't get it back together? Send it to me and I'll get it back together (and I won't tell anyone what happend!) PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE SENDING CLOCKS OR MOVEMENTS. I will give you instructions for proper packing and shipping, email: bobby@greenfieldclockshop.com

Because of space limitations and the special tools and methods required to properly service some unusual mechanisms, there are a few types of clock that I cannot accept for service (see below). Before sending your clock, please contact me to be sure that service is available for your clock.

Thank you for considering my shop for your next clock service or repair.

no I do not service Atmos, perpetual motion clocks, platform escapements, watches, chronometers, grandfather clocks, and cheap "junk" clocks that are either unrepairable or not worth the cost to repair. I service some 400-day "anniversary clocks", French clocks, and other speciality clocks on a case-by-case basis only after consultation with the owner regarding the special issues and costs of servicing these clocks. I cannot service any clock with a "Radium" dial.
Late 20th. century German Cuckoo clock
Eary 19th. century American shelf clock with wooden works
2oth. century German Westminster chime wall clock
Modern quartz wall clock
Early American 30-hour shelf clock
American 8-day Store Regulator
American Kitchen clock
American wooden works column and splat
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