Greenfield Clock Shop Terms & Policies

  • PAYMENTS: All invoices are due upon receipt and must be paid in full before repaired or purchased merchandise will be released or shipped. Repair work may require a deposit of up to 50% of the estimated cost. Some repair jobs may require 100% advance payment for special order and nonreturnable or custom made parts. I accept cash, money orders, cashier's checks, approved personal checks, and PayPal. (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express accepted through PayPal only) Checks and money orders should be made payable to Greenfield Clock Shop. I reserve the right to hold items purchased or repaired until non-certified checks "clear the bank".

  • UNCLAIMED MERCHANDISE As soon as an artisan performs work on someone else’s property, Maryland law automatically creates a lien on the property for the benefit of the artisan. If the owner does not pay the artisan the full value of the artisan’s work within 90 days, then the artisan can sell the property and keep the proceeds up to the amount owed, plus the cost of the sale. Any remaining proceeds must be paid to the owner. The lien continues until the debt has been satisfied. MD Code Comm. Law § 16-301, § 16-302. Repaired items left more than 90 days after pick up notification with invoices that have not been paid in full will be sold at public auction to recover the cost of the repair and related expenses. Any merchandise left unclaimed for more than one year will be considered abandoned and disposed of.

  • WARRANTIES: I guarantee that the merchandise I sell, and the services I perform, will be as described when the item is shipped, or the service rendered. Additional terms and limitations apply as set forth below. My entire liability to you or any third parties under any circumstance is limited to the sales price of the relevant goods sold or service mprovided.
    eBay™ and other on-line retail sales: I guarantee all of the items that I sell to be as described when shipped. "Used" items may have minor blemishes. Items sold "as is" or "for parts only" may have known and unknown defects. In the unlikely event that an item is not as described, it may returned, complete, undamaged, and unaltered, for bid/sale amount and original shipping refund only. All eBay™ and on-line retail sales become final 5 days after delivery unless a problem has been reported. There is no other warranty expressed or implied.

    Clock Repair: I guarantee only the work that I do. I cannot guarantee work done previously by others or that other parts of the clock will not fail at some time. New replacement parts are covered by the manufacturer's warranty only. Please ask any questions about warranties before authorizing the repair.

    • Minor repairs and adjustments are guaranteed for a period of 90 days from the time of delivery unless otherwise noted on the repair order. If the clock fails to operated properly during this time due to failure of the service provided I will correct the problem at no additional charge. If I determine that the problem is due to the failure of another part of the clock that was not serviced, additional parts and labor charges may apply.

    • Major repairs & and rebuilds are guaranteed for a period of 1 year from the time of delivery unless otherwise noted on the repair order. If the clock fails to operate properly during this time, I will correct the problem with no additional labor cost. Original main springs and other existing parts are not covered by this warranty. New springs are covered only by the manufacturer's warranty only.

    • Services by other artisans When specialized services provided by other artisans are required to complete the repair the customer will be so advised before any work is performed. Services provided by others are not warranted by Greenfield Clock Shop and may or may not be warranted by the provider.

    • Movement replacements and retrofits. New movements (quartz and mechanical) are covered by the manufacturer's guarantee only.

    • Mail-ins and bare movement repairs. Because there are so many things that can affect the operation of the clock movement after it leaves the shop I cannot guarantee that clocks and movements returned by mail and/or owner-installed will operate properly without some additional on-site adjustment. The actual repair work is warranted as stated above.

    The guarantee does not cover problems caused by unlevel placement, truma (clock fell off the shelf etc.), unauthorized "tinkering" by others, improper adjustments after delivery, improper lubrication, and any other condition that is beyond my control. The use of Nano Oil or Nano Lube shall void the warranty. Unauthorized repairs by others shall void the warranty.

    Numerous factors can affect the timekeeping accuracy of a clock, including level placement, temperature, type of power, and the mechanical design of the clock. Some clocks just keep better time than others. Spring powered clocks often run "fast" right after being wound. Recently rebuilt clocks may require a few weeks of running to completely "break in" and settle down. I cannot guarantee how precisely your repaired clock will keep time - just that it will operate reliably, not stop without cause, be able to keep time within generally accepted limits for the type of clock that it is. Final rate adjustment is the owner's responsibility.

    No refunds will be given for parts or labor charges as a means of honoring the warranty. If a repaired clock fails to operate properly during the warranty period, I will be most happy to remedy the problem (subject to the terms of the guarantee and work order), but a malfunction will not be considered as the basis of a refund.
  • RETURNS: Sale of clocks and other merchandise is considered final when delivered or picked up. (See individual item description or quotation for items that may be sold with a warranty.) I DO NOT accept returns unless the item delivered is significantly different than described. I DO NOT accept return of any item sold "AS IS". All sales become final 5 days after delivery unless a problem has been reported. Additional conditions may apply to items sold in my eBay auctions, see auction listing for details. Returned items require a return authorization.

  • SALES TAX: 6% Maryland Sales Tax applies to all items picked up at our shop, and all items shipped or delivered to a Maryland address.

  • SHIPPING COST: Buyer pays actual shipping and/or delivery cost, including packing fee where applicable. Contact me to confirm shipping/delivery cost. A contact phone number will be required for FedEx home delivery. I ship to USA and Canada only.

  • LOCAL PICKUP: Available Monday through Saturday by appointment only. No Sunday pickups. Items picked up locally must be pre-paid via Visa, Master Card, or PayPal, or paid for by cash, money order, or pre-approved check at time of delivery.

  • BUSINESS HOURS: Shop and office hours by appointment only Monday through Saturday - 9:00AM to 9:00PM, closed Sunday. Positively NO Sunday sales and NO Sunday pickups. Email received on Sunday will be answered on the next business day.

  • LICENSE: Greenfield Enterprises is a sole proprietorship owned by Robert H. Croswell, DBA Greenfield Clock Shop, and is licensed by the State of Maryland to conduct retail sales and collect Maryland sales tax. Click here to view license in a new window

  • PRIVACY: I respect your privacy and your concerns about how the information you provide might be used. The personal information I receive from my customers is kept private. I do not sell or share this information with anyone. I do keep a record of all sales for tax and accounting purposes. I do not send unsolicited e-mail, except as may be needed to complete a transaction initiated you the customer.

    All credit card transactions are processed by PalPal. I never see your credit card number or account information. PayPal notifies me when a payment has been made. They only give me your name & address (required for shipping and accounting purposes) and the amount paid. PayPal's privacy statement can be read at their web site.